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ZACO V85 Saug-Wisch-Roboter ZACO V80 Robot vacuum cleaner
Vacuuming & mopping robot vacuum All-around, powerful home cleaning master Vacuuming and mopping in one Utilizing dual cleaning mode - vacuuming and wet mopping, V80 offers a complete and thorough floor cleaning Self-charging V80...
Content 1 PCE
€348.00 *
3080 OSMO Polyx-Oil Care and Repair Paste OSMO Polyx-Oil Care and Repair Paste 3080 75 g
Ideal for the maintenance and repair of surfaces treated with Hardwax Oil! OSMO Polyx-Oil Care and Repair Paste is ideal for the simple repair of small damages in all wood surfaces treated with Hartwachs-Öl, such as furniture surfaces...
Content 1 PCE
€13.80 *
OSMO Beton-Öl 610 Clear OSMO Beton-Öl 610 Clear
Makes concrete surfaces and unglazed tiles more satin-resistant Osmo Beton-Öl is suitable for the clear impregnation of nearly all types of concrete (exposed concrete), artificial stone, screed as well as microporous natural stone with a...
Content 0.75 Liter (€28.80 * / 1 Liter)
From €21.60 *
OSMO Wachspflege- und Reinigungsmittel OSMO LIQUID WAX CLEANER
Liquid Wax CleanerCleaning and refreshing in one - the specially made maintenance product for oiled and waxed floors! Clear or white transparent, for floors Especially recommended for the cleaning and maintenance of oiled and waxed...
Content 0.4 Liter (€39.90 * / 1 Liter)
From €15.96 *
Osmo Wisch-Fix OSMO Wisch-Fix WASH AND CARE
Natural cleaning and maintenance concentrate for floors – for regular cleaning and care Especially recommended for Osmo finished floors, can also be used on laquered floors, laminate floors, tiles and PVC Refreshes without leaching the...
Content 1 Liter
From €14.70 *
One set for all eventualities – fully equipped for the treatment of worktops and furniture made of wood. Initial care, maintenance and refreshing in one set: TopOil clear matt 500 ml Spray Cleaner 500 ml Hand Pad Holder Oil Finish...
Content 1 Set
€39.00 *
Optimal floor care without a lot of effort Special cleaning set for all smooth timber, vinyl, tiled and natural stone floors Set contains: Basic mop head plate with extra fixing points – suitable for Osmo System Telescopic Handle Dust...
Content 1 Set
€33.60 *
OSMO Intensive Cleaner 8019 OSMO Intensive Cleaner 8019
Highly effective special concentrate, ideal for intensive cleaning Osmo Intensive Cleaner is ideal as an alternative to sanding on all wood surfaces treated with oils and waxes, e.g. B. floors, furniture and plastics, stainless steel and...
Content 1 Liter
From €19.92 *
OSMO Feuchtmop für Opti-Set Micro-mop for Maintenance Set
Damp: Simple moisture care with Osmo Wash and Care for all wood floors. The new multifunctional Damp, 100% active fibers for Osmo Wash and Care cleans and protects in one operation. The floor dries quickly without streaks. Suitable for...
Content 1 PCE
€16.80 *
OSMO Easy Pads 325x340mm (10 St./VPE) OSMO Easy Pads 325x340mm (10 cloths)
Special cloths for cleaning and care of oiled-waxed surfaces and varnished wood surfaces • Easy and comfortable application • High cleaning power • Ideal for caring and polishing Content: 10 cloths 325 x 3040 mm
Content 10 PCE (€0.90 * / 1 PCE)
€9.00 *
OSMO Spray Cleaner 8026 0,5 l OSMO Spray Cleaner 8026 0.5 l
Ready-to-use spray solution for daily cleaning and maintenance – especially developed for surfaces oiled and waxed wood surfaces, e.g. Osmo TopOil. It contains soaps based on natural oils. Cleans the surface without removing oils and...
Content 0.5 Liter (€23.52 * / 1 Liter)
€11.76 *
OSMO Aktivfasertuch 1 Active fibre cloth for Maintenance Set
Active fiber cloth: simple ones with Osmo Wax and Cleaner for all oiled wood floors. The active fiber cloth for Osmo Wax and Cleaner cleans all wood floors. It is ideal for corners and hard to reach areas. Through the telescopic handle...
Content 1 PCE
€11.94 *
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