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OSMO Flächenstreicher OSMO Natural Bristle Brush
Obtaining outstanding results. Suitable for all Osmo oil-based colours. Available in 25, 50, 60 and 100 mm.
From €3.24 *
OSMO Roll- & Streichset ROLLER & BRUSH SET
Optimally equipped for any painting project For the optimal application of all oil based wood finishes • Ideal for treating larger areas made of rough sawn, untreated or planed wood. • Ergonomically shaped for fatigue-free work • Optimal...
Content 1 Set
€22.08 *
OSMO Superpad OSMO Superpad
For rubbing oils/finishes into the wood surface during initial application or for re-applying oils as well as massaging in pigmented primers and oil stains.
Content 1 PCE
From €1.98 *
8000 Farblos 1L Pinselreiniger und Verdünner BRUSH CLEANER AND THINNER CLEAR
Cleans brushes, quickly and easily. For cleaning of painting utensils after applying Osmo Wood Finishes or other solvent-based oil or acrylic paints. Can also be used as thinner for solvent based paints.
Content 1 Liter
€9.00 *
OSMO Terrassen Streichset OSMO Decking Brush Set
Perfect application the easy way! Recommended for applying Osmo Wood Oils and Wood Wax Finishes, as well as for use with decking or balcony woods.
Content 1 Set
€34.80 *
Nachfüllpack für Roll- & Streichset 2 microfibre roller for ROLLER & BRUSH SET
2 rollers 100 mm
Content 2 PCE (€1.98 * / 1 PCE)
€3.96 *
Holzpaste 100 g Wood Filler 100 g
Perfect for filling small wood cracks and splits. Can be sanded and stained with all Osmo paints when fully cured. Available in colours like white, beech, spruce, mahogany and oak.
Content 100 Gramm (€0.07 * / 1 Gramm)
€7.20 *
Ideal for a precise application in smaller areas! Hand Pad Holder 85 x 135 mm, for Superpads 95 x 155 mm • Suitable for the application of base coats on wooden flooring and the intensive cleaning of wooden flooring and timber decking. •...
Content 1 PCE
€6.90 *
OSMO Teleskopstiel für Streichbürste und Roller OSMO TELESCOPIC HANDLE
Ideally suited for working comfortably standing or on higher places Telescopic handle High-quality aluminium telescoptic handle With SoftTouch handle for work safety Adjustable from 120-200 cm Shipping: Bulky goods surcharge € 10.00
Content 1 PCE
€22.98 *
For the optimal application of Osmo Polyx ® -Oils 100% microfibre - solvent-resistant Saves time through quick and professional application Optimal product coverage through the unique structure of microfibre Very high product absorption...
Content 1 Set
€29.94 *
OSMO Decking Cleaning Brush 150 mm OSMO Decking Cleaning Brush 150 mm
Achieve excellent cleaning results! ADVANTAGES Special brush with high quality bristles for cleaning decking Ideal in combination with Osmo Decking Cleaner, Wood Reviver Power-Gel or Polymer Composite Cleaner 150 mm width Suitable for...
Content 1 PCE
€13.98 *
Terrassenbürste 150 mm FLOORBRUSH 150 mm
Perfect application the easy way! Recommended for applying Osmo Wood Oils and Wood Wax Finishes, as well as for use with decking or balcony woods.
Content 1 PCE
€27.36 *
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