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Shipping costs

ESSPAIN€ 29,90
ITITALY€ 19,20
MTMALTA€ 29,90
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ShippingVersandThe information about the delivery times for the items are approximate estimates for shipping to Austria and Germany, shipping to the rest of the EU or outside the EU can of course take longer. Upon purchase of a product you will receive a tracking number as well as information of the corresponding carrier via email. You will then be able to easily track it‘s current status, and will be informed immediatly about respective arrivals and unlikely delays.

In addition, you can view and track shippings via the online customer registration of our homepage. Here is the specific online trail: „My Account -> show orders -> track order -> track the shipping status of your shipment“

Packages are delievered by our partner DPD. DPD delivers from Monday-Friday. Packages will have to be accepted in person, yet DPD will either redeliver via a notification card on any consecutive business day, or will let you know of a pick-up location nearby.

Upon delivery please doublecheck the package immediatly for any damages or issues!
In case of any damages or issues, make sure to either sign with hold or not sign at all, and inform us immediatly. We will make sure to take care of any issues right away.

Payment conditions
Pay for your purchase in the onlineshop as you wish. As a special service we offer you a wide variety of payment methods. Pick the most convenient for you. You have a choice. About your options for payment in the onlineshop, see the following information.

InvoiceRechnungIf you buy on account you should transfer the invoice amount in full within 8 days.

Please remit the invoice amount, stating the purpose, order number, invoice number, customer number to the following bank account:
Our bank account:
Raiffeisenbank Steyr
Account name: Adelsberger Holz
international SEPA -Bank transfer:
IBAN: AT33 3411 4000 0000 3954

PrepaymentVorkasseIn the e-mail that you receive confirmation of your order, you will find the total amount of your order and our account number. Once the total amount is credited to our account, your goods will be shipped according to the availability as soon as possible. If we have until 12 days after receiving your order yet recorded any money received by us, your order will automatically and completely canceled. Please note that it is not possible for us to accept Personal checks.
Our bank account:

Raiffeisenbank Steyr
Account name: Adelsberger Holz
international SEPA -Bank transfer:
IBAN: AT33 3411 4000 0000 3954

Credit cardKreditkartenYou can Osmoshop pay with credit cards: MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, and Giropay.
Note on the security of credit card information: We use in our shop, the "Secure Card Data"process, ie, we do not store credit card information in our web shop, but necessary for the payment authorization data is secure data connection to the credit card company.

PayPalPayPalPay for your purchase in Osmoshop via PayPal, the online payment service for easy and fast payment. Special advantage: you must be a registered user to use this payment method, simply register as part of the payment process at PayPal. You can link your PayPal account to your bank account or credit card so that your sensitive banking details are stored only on PayPal and it must not be re-sent every online purchase over the Internet.

One in three online buyers in Germany already has a PayPal account, and worldwide there are over 175 million accounts in 190 countries. PayPal enjoys great confidence among buyers and sellers, as PayPal is:

> Secure: Your bank or credit card details are stored only on PayPal. Therefore, they are not in any online shopping retransmitted via the Internet.
> Simple: You will pay in two clicks. Because you rely on your deposited with PayPal bank or credit card information instead of typing in each purchase.
> Fast: PayPal payments quickly. We can ship in-stock merchandise immediately and you get them earlier in the rule.

For more information, see

style="cursor: default;">SofortüberweisungSofortImmediately transfer is an innovative payment method with ISO certified, and TÜV-approved transaction security that is by Payment Network AG developed and deployed. Via the secure payment form not accessible to vendors of Payment Network AG automatically and in real-time transfer from your online bank account. The purchase amount is immediately transferred to our bank account.
Benefits: In stock in-stock merchandise will be shipped within 24 hours once we receive confirmation that your payment was successfully completed at This eliminates delays bank processing times compared to the prepayment and the delivery of your order can be made faster. It is also for you as an end user registration is not required to be able to use it as a payment method
As secure as your online banking: The TÜV-certified transaction security guaranteed a payment that is as safe as your regular online banking. Payment Network AG is only a technical intermediary between us and your bank. It is nothing other than a letter carrier who transfers the PIN and TAN data in a sealed letter. Enter your PIN and TAN is not known, your data is encrypted transmitted to your bank. The security of data transfer and, in particular encryption and security of PIN and TAN data is constantly checked by the TÜV Saarland, issued by Payment Network AG, corresponding label (Certified Data Protection).
Basically you can use it as payment if you have an unlocked online banking account with PIN / TAN procedure. Please note that a few banks not yet available. HBCI (Home Banking Computer Interface) with the smart card is not supported by For the use of you need not register. All you need is the following:<>

> A capable online bank account
> Your account number
> Your Bank Account
> The PIN of your online banking account
> A TAN of your online banking account
> Possibly data from your banking system

The process

Sofortüberweisung select a payment optionIn the secure payment form to complement the ordering information with your bank routing number and account numberTransfer with PIN and TAN data confirm

Notice of liability in abuse cases: the service it is far not experienced any abuse (TÜV-certified online payment system). precaution has yet pointed out that there are many banks and savings banks, which assume that the use of the service because of the use of your PIN and TAN to a shift of liability in case of fraud by third parties. This may mean that your bank refuses the abuse case to take the damage, and that you might have to bear the loss. Precautionary measure, the operator has of the service, replacing the Payment Network AG, in your favor, any insurance damages for misuse in accordance with the reproduced at this link insurance policy. This way you will be protected within the scope of insurance against potential liability risks.

For more information, see
style="cursor: default;">You order in our shop by:
  • Add item to shopping cart 
  • enter your shipping and payment information
  • your e-mail address so we can inform you
  • to confirm the accuracy of the identification page of your details,
  • at the end click on the "order".
1. The information on the date of contract, see the relevant section in the Terms.

2. They shall make a binding contract when you have gone through the online ordering process by entering the required information and ordering at the last step click on the button "submit order". After you have placed your order, we will send you an e-mail confirming receipt of your order and its details (order confirmation).

3. This order confirmation does not represent an acceptance of your order, but will only inform you that your order is received. No later than the delivery of the goods, you will receive all customer information, you should print for your records
Appeal Procedure
Online Dispute Resolution in accordance with Article 14, Section 1 ODR-VO:.. The European Commission is providing a platform for online dispute resolution (OS) willing to see