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Recommended OSMO wood coatings for patios and garden furniture

OSMO Decking Oil
Especially developed for the individual needs of numerous fine and coniferous wood species! Clear or transparent, satin, for the exteriorHighly recommended for garden furniture and wooden deckingSmoothens wooden surfaces and makes them water and dirt-repellent.Number of coats: 2 coats on raw wood. For renovation, normally 1 coat applied to a clean and dry surface is sufficient – no sanding required!Can sizes: 0.75 l; 2.50 lNote: Osmo Teak-Oil is clear and offers no UV protection (greying).Please note: the desired results of the colour tone may vary depending on the wood species.

Content: 0.75 liter (€39.92* / 1 liter)

From €29.94*
Oil-based, anti-slip finish – added safety for your family! Clear, satin finish for the exteriorHighly recommended for wooden deckingAnti-Slip Decking Oil reduces the risk of slipping and extends the life of the pigmented base coat by providing extra protection against weathering. The surface is water-repellent, weatherproof and UV-stable. The finish is protected against mould, algae and fungal attack.Number of coats: One top coat on decking that has already been coated with one of the pigmented Osmo Decking-Oils. For renovation, normally 1 coat applied to a clean and dry surface is sufficient – no sanding necessary!Can sizes: 0.75 L; 2.50 L 

Content: 0.75 liter (€48.40* / 1 liter)

From €36.30*
Osmo-grain wax protects your decking from cracking and minimize the swelling and shrinkage behavior. Grain-growth effect from the inside and prevent the bleeding of ingredients. The water-free, silicone-free grain-growth is easy to handle and has a high resistance to weathering.Coverage:375 ml sufficient for about 250 decking with bilateral treatment

Content: 0.375 liter (€79.84* / 1 liter)

OSMO Stone and Terracotta Oil 620
Ideal for protecting against dirt from open-pored stone and terracotta surfaces.Osmo stone and terracotta oil is suitable for the colorless impregnation of open-pore natural stone with a polished, polished to rough-rough surface and concrete stones in the outdoor area. Particularly suitable for sidewalk slabs and window sills made of granite, limestone and slate.BENEFITS> Unique oil-wax combination> Open-pore surface> Protection against dirt and abrasion> resistant to wine, cola, beer (according to DIN 68861-1A)> Strongly water-repellent> Container sizes: 0.75 l; 2.5 l;> 1 liter is sufficient for one coat for approx. 32 m2. The range of the product depends very much on the absorbency of the surface and it can lead to significant deviations in the range.

Content: 0.75 liter (€45.28* / 1 liter)

From €33.96*
Ideal protection against dirt and stains!OSMO POLYMER COMPOSITE MAINTENANCE OIL 030 is a clear product suitable to maintain and restore weathered Wood Polymer Composites (WPC) and Bamboo Polymer Composites (BPC). Especially suited for decking, privacy screens and garden furniture made of WPC or BPC.ADVANTAGES>  Based on natural oils >  Microporous surface>  Stain protections and highly water repellent >  Safe for humans, animals and plants>  Can sizes: 0.75 l; 2.5 l>  1 litre covers approx. 40 m² with one coat.APPLICATIONBefore applying, clean the whole surface with water and Osmo WPC & BPC Reiniger and allow the surface to dry.Apply very thinly with Osmo Flat Brush or Osmo Decking Brush and spread well.Remove excess material with a clean and dry Decking Brush.Drying time approx. 8-10 hours (normal climatic conditions, 23 °C/ 50 % rel. humidity). Lower temperatures and/or higher humidity can increase drying time. Allow for good ventilation.

From €35.94*