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OSMO Beton-Öl 610 OSMO Beton-Öl 610 Clear
Content 0.75 Liter (€43.92 * / 1 Liter)
From €32.94 *
620 OSMO Stein- und Terracotta-Öl OSMO Stone and Terracotta Oil 620
Content 0.75 Liter (€45.28 * / 1 Liter)
From €33.96 *
006 Bangkirai-Öl OSMO Decking Oil
Content 0.75 Liter (€39.92 * / 1 Liter)
From €29.94 *
OSMO Wachspflege- und Reinigungsmittel OSMO LIQUID WAX CLEANER
Content 0.4 Liter (€62.40 * / 1 Liter)
From €24.96 *
Osmo Wisch-Fix OSMO Wisch-Fix WASH AND CARE
Content 1 Liter
From €21.96 *
6609 OSMO Holz-Entgrauer Kraft-Gel 2,5 Liter mit Wurzelbürste OSMO WOOD REVIVER POWER-GEL 6609
Content 0.5 Liter (€29.88 * / 1 Liter)
From €14.94 *
Content 1 Set
€54.96 *
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OSMO Anstrich-Entferner Gel 2,5 Liter mit Wurzelbürste OSMO PAINT REMOVER GEL 6611
Removes old Decking-Oils and wood stains uniformly and effectively PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Ready-to-use, viscous paint remover especially developed for removing old existing oil surface finishes in outdoor areas. Afterwards the surface can...
Content 0.5 Liter (€33.60 * / 1 Liter)
From €16.80 *
OSMO Treppen Pflegebox OSMO stairs care box
The Osmo stairs care box is ideal for cleaning and refreshing as well as maintaining wooden stairs treated with Osmo Hartwachs-Öl. SET CONTENTS > Wash and Care cleaning concentrate 250 ml > Maintenance Oil clear 200 ml > Easy Pads 2 pcs....
Content 1 Set
€49.98 *
OSMO Spray Cleaner 8026 0,5 l OSMO Spray Cleaner 8026 0.5 l
Ready-to-use spray solution for daily cleaning and maintenance – especially developed for surfaces oiled and waxed wood surfaces, e.g. Osmo TopOil. It contains soaps based on natural oils. Cleans the surface without removing oils and...
Content 0.5 Liter (€33.60 * / 1 Liter)
€16.80 *
Optimal floor care without a lot of effort Special cleaning set for all smooth timber, vinyl, tiled and natural stone floors Set contains: Basic mop head plate with extra fixing points – suitable for Osmo System Telescopic Handle Dust...
Content 1 Set
€45.60 *
Effective cleaner for WPC / BPC decking and all other wood-plastic-composites. Highly effective, slightly alkaline special cleaner for removing organic and inorganic contaminants in the exterior. Ideal for intensive cleaning of WPC / BPC...
Content 1 Liter
From €29.94 *
OSMO Aktivfasertuch 1 Active fibre cloth for Maintenance Set
Active fiber cloth: simple ones with Osmo Wax and Cleaner for all oiled wood floors. The active fiber cloth for Osmo Wax and Cleaner cleans all wood floors. It is ideal for corners and hard to reach areas. Through the telescopic handle...
Content 1 PCE
€17.94 *
OSMO Pflege-Öl OSMO Pflege-Öl
Intensive care product for wooden flooring treated with Hartwachs-Öl – ideal for commercial interiors! 3079 Clear Matt 3081 Clear Satin 3098 Semi Matt (R9) 3440 White Transparent 1 Liter covers approx ca. 40 - 60 m 2 . Pflege-Öl is for...
Content 1 Liter
From €43.98 *
OSMO Feuchtmop für Opti-Set Micro-mop for Maintenance Set
Damp: Simple moisture care with Osmo Wash and Care for all wood floors. The new multifunctional Damp, 100% active fibers for Osmo Wash and Care cleans and protects in one operation. The floor dries quickly without streaks. Suitable for...
Content 1 PCE
€23.94 *
OSMO Fußboden Pflegeset OSMO MAINTENANCE KIT for floors
Maintenance Kit for Floors Complete set for the care and maintenance of floors treated with Osmo Polyx®-Oil Cleaning, maintenance and refreshing in one set: 1 litre Wash and Care Cleaning Concentrate 0.4 litre Liquid Wax Cleaner Spray 3...
Content 1 Set
€45.96 *
6606 Farblos Gard Clean OSMO GARD CLEAN Clear 6606
The Green Growth Remover that really works! Highly effective concentrate, for exterior use For wood (treated or untreated) plastic and varnished surfaces, stone, concrete, bricks, tiles, glass, garden furniture... Highly effective:...
Content 1 Liter
From €27.96 *
OSMO Hartholz-Spezialöl Spray 008 Farblos 0,4 Liter 008 Clear 0.4L OSMO Teak Oil Spray
Maintenance spray especially for garden furniture and wood decks. Water-resistant and abrasion resistant. Semi-gloss, porous. No UV protection.
Content 0.4 Liter (€82.50 * / 1 Liter)
€33.00 *
OSMO Staubmop für Opti-Set 1 Dust-mop for Maintenance Set
Dust mop: Simple dry care for all wood floors. The dust sticks by the static effect of the cloth. Also suitable for ceilings and walls.
Content 1 PCE
€22.80 *
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